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Single Game I.F.L. Records Held By Rebels

Most All-Around TDs - 8 Joe Martisius, Dani Eastman

Most Receptions - 15 Chris McKinny

Most Receving Yards - 180 Chris McKinny

Most Rushing TDs  - 6 Zack Miller

Most Kicks Returned For a TD -

2 Mo English, Dani Eastman

Most Kick Return Yards - 240 Dani Eastman

Most Punts Returned For a TD - 2 Dani Eastman

Most Total Yards - 427 Dani Eastman

Extra Points Made - 7 Liran "Kozo" Zamir (tied)

Extra Points Attempted - 8 Liran "Kozo" Zamir

Field Goals Made - 3 Liran "Kozo" Zamir

Field Goals Attempted - 3 Liran "Kozo" Zamir

Most Points By Kicker - 12 Liran "Kozo" Zamir



Most Passing Yards - 270 Joe Martisius

Most Passing TDs - 7 Joe Martisius

Most Receiving TDs- 4 (tied) Elias Metuko

Most Rushing TDs - 5 (tied) John Millar

Rebel Award Winners 2012-2013

Most Valuable Player

Dani Eastman

Special Teams Player-of-the-Year

Liran "Kozo" Zamir

All-IFL First Team

WR, DB, RS Dani Eastman

DT Uria Loberbom

K Liran "Kozo" Zamir

All-Time I.F.L. Records Held by Rebels

Most Rushing Yards - 2,141 Joe Martisius

Most Rushing TDs - 36 Joe Martisius

Most XP Made- 41 Liran (Kozo) Zamir

Most XP Attempted- 58 Liran (Kozo) Zamir

Most FG Made- 6 Liran (Kozo) Zamir

Most FG Attempted- 14 Liran (Kozo) Zamir

Most Kicks Returned For a TD - 4 Dani Eastman


Most Passing Yards - 1024 Joe Martisius

Most Passing TDs - 19 Joe Martisius

Most Passing Yards-Per-Attempt - 7.7 Joe Martisius

Most 2-pt. Conversions - 12 Joe Martisius


Rebels Making News

Welcome to the home of the Judean Rebels, Israel Bowl IV Champions!


Game recap from the ifl website

The Rebels and Lions squared off Thursday night 5/12/13 in both teams’ first game of the season. It was primed to be a good one with both teams looking to be among the better in the league after solid preseason showings, but the Rebels had other plans. They exploded out of the gates behind their high powered offense and had a 32-6 lead before even being halfway through the first quarter.

While the Rebels’ offense is usually their best unit, that wasn’t the case on Thursday where the special teams and defense played equally as big of a role in their win. The special teams returned 3 kicks for a TD – 2 by Zaire Harris, 1 by Dani Eastman off a lateral from Harris – and forced a safety on the kickoff after their first TD of the game. There was a sequence in the 3rd quarter where Harris returned a kick for a TD but the play was called back due to a holding penalty, and then on the re-kick he anyhow ended up returning the kick for a TD.  The defense forced 7 turnovers while only allowing 3 touchdowns by the Lions’ offense. The 2 KR touchdowns in a game tie the IFL single-game record held by Eastman and ’09-’10 Rebel Mo English.

Avrami Farkas took most of the snaps at quarterback for the Rebels and finished the game with 9 of 15 completions for 115 yards, 4 TDs and 2 interceptions. Dan Weintraub continues to be a dominant receiver for the Rebels, having had 4 catches for 74 yards and 2 TDs. The other 2 TD passes were caught by David Arshavsky and Dani Eastman.

The leaders on the Rebels defense were Jeremiah Jelski with 8 total tackles, Dani Eastman with 6 total tackles to go along with an interception and Uria Loberbom who had 6 total tackles, including a strip-sack of Schiff, where he just took the ball out of the QB’s hands. Micha Bookman, Ayal Frankfurter and Zaire Harris each had an interception, with Bookman taking his to the house on a bubble pass he had sniffed out.

The highlight of the whole game, however, was 10-year-old leukemia fighter Uriel Wang’s run for  TD at halftime, after which he was raised and presented to the crowd. The Rebels family wishes Uriel much luck and health in his ongoing battle.


Next game will be on December 19, 8:30 pm Kraft Stadium, Jerusalem. The rebels will face the tropers.


Last Friday, November 11th, the IFL held the first Annual Preseason Lightning Tournament.   

League teams gathered in Ramat Hasharon for a fun-filled day of fast football; the rules were changed slightly to accelerate the games so that each team could play between three and four times.

The Rebels started the day against the Be'er Sheva Black Swarm and won the game 22-0. The defense was not satisfied with one shutout and continued their brilliant play with a 30-0 win against the Petah Tikva Troopers, followed by a 40-0 gem against the Jerusalem Kings. The Rebels' final match of the day was a 28-8 victory over the hosting Hammers of Ramat Hasharon.

While the entire defense was vicious all day long, the defensive playmakers put on a show at every position: Zaire Harris and Dani Eastman led the lockdown of the defensive backfield; Alex Gandler, Uria Loberbom and Ayal Frankfurter dominated the line of scrimmage; and Jeremiah Jelski's play at linebacker showed the league that the Rebels have big hitters at every level. The defense accumulated several interceptions and forced more than a few fumbles through the tournament as they demonstrated a great ability to take the ball away in the air or on the ground.

On the offensive side of the ball, it was a great day for rookie quarterback Avrami Farkas as he gave the league a preview of his talents. Receiver Daniel Weintraub also debuted well, with a variety of acrobatic and impressive catches. The offensive line started to connect and showed good potential as they paved the way for several big runs from Zaire Harris and Ari Levin. Yaniv Kovalski added an excellent performance at tight end, both making big blocks and recording a number of receptions. It seems like the youthful tandem of Farkas-Kovalski may pose a deadly threat to the league.

Former Rebel Betzalel Friedman also displayed his talents by orchestrating the tournament in just his first year as IFL Commissioner. Friedman's brief time at his new position has not prevented him from making several excellent contributions to league organization and function already, and we are all excited to see how the league continues to develop under his adept stewardship.

The Rebels now turn their attention to preparing for the first real test of the season, against the Kings on Thursday, November 28th. It will be a special night of football as the annual Hanuka Bowl falls on Thanksgiving and the Rebels will set out to avenge last season's tragic loss. The following week marks the start of the regular season when the Rebels face their other crosstown rivals, the Jerusalem Lions, on December 5th. Both games will be played at the Rebels' home stadium in Jerusalem.


US, Rebels and IDF (American) Soldiers Celebrate 4th of July Together

The Judean Rebels were very proud to share in the celebrations at the Nefesh B'Nefesh Fourth of July BBQ last week in Tel Aviv. With beer on tap, endless burgers and hot dogs, and good old rock n' roll, the party definitely fulfilled its American aspirations.

wach the video

The event was attended by: Lone Soldiers from North America serving in the IDF; a delegation of US Military Academy Cadets from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard; and Rebels dressed in full football gear. While red, white and blue was definitely the theme of the party, the Rebels orange and green caught more than a few eyes, and the players were bombarded with attention from the soldiers, IDF and US alike. All of the Cadets were shocked to learn that there is a thriving American football league here in Israel, and many of the IDF soldiers were interested in learning more about the league - future Rebels?

As an organization, it was very important to the Rebels to be there to show our support for soldiers from both militaries and represent a part of American culture on such an important day. Countless Rebels, past and present, have served in the IDF and many of those were Lone Soldiers - foreigners who moved to Israel alone so that they could volunteer to serve. The Rebels feel very connected and indebted to all of these brave men and are honored to share the football field with each and every one of them.

As a token of our appreciation for their service, the Rebels handed out our team wristbands to all the soldiers in attendance. The special message inscribed on the inside of the band conveys the feeling that we have for all our Rebel brothers, as well as those who dedicate their lives to protecting us - Family.

In addition to the guests, every major news organization in Israel was there to cover the event and document this special union of Americans celebrating American Independence Day here in Israel. 


Betzalel Friedman Appointed New IFL Commissioner

The Kraft Family IFL announced the hiring of Betzalel Friedman as the new league commissioner. Mr. Friedman has been involved in the league since the 2009-2010 season when he played wide receiver for the Judean Rebels. He served as head coach of the team for the next two seasons, with a regular season record of 15-5, and a postseason record of 3-1, including the 2010-2011 IFL Championship and Coach-of-the-Year Award. This past season, he served as an assistant coach and assistant manager. He also serves as an infantry company commander in the IDF reserves, after serving as a platoon commander and operations officer in the paratroopers.

Betzalel wrote this letter to the team:

"Dear Rebels,
I am happy to announce that I have accepted the position of commissioner of the IFL. It's good for me, and I believe that ultimately it will be good for all of football in Israel, including the Rebels, even though the team might suffer in the short term.

The team needs people to step up and help out, and Coach and the team captains will see that everything gets done with YOUR help. If everyone takes this to heart and asks what they can do to help the team, then the incredible bond that all Rebels share will become even stronger.

I cannot even begin to express what the team has meant to me over the last four years, and I don't feel that I am leaving. I will always be around and I will always be a Rebel.

Quick shout out to my teammates and the remaining original Rebels: Zack Miller, Ehud Sharon, Shlomo Barya Schachter, Shai Brill and Uria Loberbom.


Team captain Ehud Sharon said today:" Betzalel's departure is bittersweet. His contribution to the team can not be quantified. I feel that the league has benefited hugely while the Rebels have lost a man who never stopped giving to the team and served in many capacities: player, coach, manager and scout among others. We wish him the best of luck and if he is half as successful with the league as he was with the team, the league is definitely on its way up."

Eastman Wins MVP, Zamir Wins Special Teams Player-of-the-Year

The IFL Award Banquet for the 2012-2013 season took place this evening at Jem's Beer Factory in Petach Tikva, and two Rebels won awards: Dani Eastman won the MVP award, and Liran Zamir won the Special Teams Player-of-the-Year award.

Eastman became the first player in IFL history to be named All-IFL First Team in three different positions in the same season: wide receiver, defensive back and return specialist. Zamir was the All-IFL First Team kicker, and Uria Loberbom made First Team All-IFL at defensive tackle.

Other award winners:Hasharon Hammers' Gilad Shoham won Defensive Player-of-the-Year and the Sabres' Adi Hakami won Offensive Player-of-the-Year. The Hammers' Jordan Curran won Offensive Rookie-of-the-Year and Mor Kalomiti of the Petach Tikva Troopers won Defensive Player-of-the-Year. The Hammers' coaching staff, led by Ady Totah, won Coaching-Staff-of-the-Year.

Joining Eastman on the First Team offense were: The Sabres' QB Hakami, G Jack Randolph, RB Brandon McDougald and WR Jonathan Curran.The  Pioneers' C Tal Mordoch and G Eyal Cimet. The Hammers' TE Nick Zhiharev and Beersheva Black Swarm RB Zac Labby.

Second Team offense consisted of the Sabres' RB Cory Zinker and G Saud Kassas, Pioneers' QB Ronny Moscona, Jerusalem Lions' TE Shmuel Halpern and WRs Binyamin Schultz and Ori Refaelowitz, Haifa Underdogs' C Alan Hearn, and Jerusalem Kings' RB Jordan Guin.

Joining Eastman and Loberbom on the First Team defense were Sabres' DE/OLB Adam Zinker, LB Ryan Michael and DB Banning Fudge, Hammers' DE Gilad Shoham and DT Lior Goldberg, and Pioneers' LB Asaf Katz and DB Sagan Zavelo.

Second defense included: Sabres' DT Mohamed Yatim, Pioneers' DT Georges Bouaziz and DB Lewie Duker, Underdogs' LB Tim Kelly, Kings' LB Ami Notis, Lions' DE Yoni Cooper, Hammers' DB Keith Noble, and Northern Stars' DB Yuval Fisher.

Besides Zamir and Eastman, the other First Team specialist was Hammers' P Tomer Levi.

Second Team specialists were Underdogs' K Alex Primak, Kings' P Ari Wajsbort, and Pioneers' RS Elan Neiger.

Congratulations to all the winners!